Hi ! My name is Mona ♥︎

I am a woman that is 44 years old. I have been working for 15 years in a grocery store and was fruit and green responsible. I loved my job ♥︎

Life suddenly changed healthily and i am today homebeeing and working a little bit from home !


My passion for interior became a bigger hobby afther i became sick. I love taking photos and sharing them with familiy, friends and in in social media. 

Feel free to follow me, my life and my passion for interior.

I am a proud mother to my son Andrè that is 20 and i am a proud stepmother to my husband, Jostein`s boy, Knut Erik (21) . We also have a new member in our family, our Maltipoo dog "Leo" born 29.06.18 ♥︎

Remember one thing before judging people who are home beeing....

They always have a History and a reason. Support them instead !

It can be you before you know it !!!! 

Take care of each other ❤︎

Me Instagram feed @behindabluedooor 

Facebook :           Behindabluedoor

Nettbutikk :           Mona Ersdal

For questions / cooperation please do contact me 🙂



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